Creative Womyn Down Under 


Resources for creativity are listed below to inform and encourage womyn to explore online information, artists and teachers. Please direct all enquiries regarding resources listed to the contacts provided below. Email us if you have information to add to this list gabrielle(at)

1. General Resources

Australian Women's Art Register

A resource of national significance. Established 1975. It is an archive and repository of slides, published material and other written sources, both old and new, documenting Australian women artists, their images and their writings. A diverse range of media and art disciplines, including craft, design, photography, installation, are represented in the archive, as well as various styles and all eras from the Victorian period.

Exploring Women's Creativity

Unexpected ways to develop your creative self. 
Fostering creativity is a process of joy and discovery. But this doesn't promise that there will be no barriers, no frustrations, and no failures. Instead creativity will reach into your deepest self; it will continually press and challenge you. Whatever you wish to create or are already in the process of creating these pages can help you.

Creativity Web

Resources for Creativity and Innovation. 
The Creativity Web is a resource centre giving you information to help you become more creative. Resources are numerous and include books, software, and techniques. Additional resources are included to stimulate your thinking: quotations, affirmations and humour.

Accessible Arts NSW

Accessible Arts is the peak arts and disability organisation across NSW. Our Vision - A society in which people with disabilities fully experience and participate in the arts and cultural life. Our Mission - To promote full inclusion, access and cultural opportunities in the arts for people with disabilities through advocacy, education and information.

2. Artists & Teachers

Emelisa Mudle - Healing with Art - QLD

A journey into letting go and being creative, the place to find self help tools, techniques for self development. Emelisa is an artist and workshop facilitator. Email View details of creative workshops at

Jennifer - Mountain River Drums – NSW

Mountain River Drums creates a variety of quality handcrafted frame drums and beaters, log drums and gourd rattle drums all made from natural skins and wood. Established in 2003, by Jennifer, Mountain River Drums also offers Drum Making Workshops, Frame Drum Playing Workshops and facilitates Community Drum Circles. Phone 61 2 6567 8131 or email

Sally Swain - NSW

Sally loves supporting creative exploration and growth.  Sally offers individual or group Creativity / Career Coaching in a broad range of contexts and has been helping people flourish since 1993. Phone 61 2 9552 6164 (bh) or email

Silva Vaughan-Jones - NSW

This website promotes a broad selection of portfolio work that covers twenty-five years of film and digital photography by Silva Vaughan-Jones. The collection includes Australian landscapes, flora, domestic animals and native wildlife.

3. Fabulous & Famous

Famous Creative Women

Celebrates the remarkable contributions of  women who have resourcefully, passionately and creatively shaped our world. This website includes inspirational quotations and biographical information for more than 800 famous creative women. May their achievements and these quotations be an inspiration to all!

 Distinguished Women of Past & Present

Biographies of women who contributed to our culture in many different ways. There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others. Some were alive hundreds of years ago and some are living today.

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